Graduated from political sciences, Mathilde Limito slowly developed a real artistic passion through her camera. As a freelance photojournalist, she captures the roads she travels since 2016, in Morocco, India, Nepal, Myanmar or Laos. After completing a photojournalism training in Kathmandu in 2017, she worked in 2019 alongside the great photojournalist Reza in his photographic agency in Paris. In January 2020, she organized an exhibition in Printemps (Paris) as part of the Asian New Year, and in May 2020 she was selected among the winners of the Silk Roads international photo contest of the UNESCO. 
Pursuing her goal, she used her sensitivity to reveal the treasures and wounds of Humanity. Struck by the complexity of international crises, she also engaged herself through humanitarian projects around the world, revealing her commitment for social change and her desire to capture the vulnerable areas of the world. While becoming the witness of her lens, she wants to report testimonies as a transmission tool and freeze moments of life in the timelessness. Based in Paris, she joined the Hans Lucas studio in 2021.